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Just a 2 minutes walk from Playa Hermosa of Santa Teresa, a white sand beach break. 

Beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers can enjoy their sessions here.

Shallow waters in the shore make it ideal for kids to play.

Palm trees and 30º Celsius (87º Fahrenheit) all year round, we call it dreamland. 



Getting here:

San Jose airport and Liberia as well, are quite distant (5hrs drive).

We recommend taking a domestic flight (20 min + 1 hour drive) around $110 per passenger.

Now there’s one more option, charter flight to a new airport that is just 15 minutes away. The cost for this last charter flight is around $1500 to $1900 depending on number of passengers.

A rental car can be waiting for you at the airstrip, or we'll arrange a taxi to pick you up.

If you want to come driving from San Jose, we can help you can rent a car.


We are happy to assist you booking any of the above.


Caladium Plant Leaves


Your vacation home should be somehow magical, so we are comitted to provide everyday morning housecleaning, towel laundry, making the beds and overall order. So you can always keep enjoying the villa as if it was the first day.

Most of the activities around here are outdoors and sporty. Surf, yoga, horse-riding, S.U.P, waterfalls, and more. We are happy to guide you with everything you need: lessons, equipment, tours, rentals; even with the relaxing massage therapy you'll probably desire after your day in these marvellous tropical beaches.


Greener actions

We strongly believe in self-resposability. Our impact on the planet can be reduced if we take care, if we don't exceed, if we consume in a smart way. It's simple. In Casas de Agua we took a couple of measures into the ECO-friendly way. All of our lighting is LED. We use INVERTER technology A.C's. Solar panels are installed in every house to provide hot water for your shower. We even developed 4 water recycling bio-filters, where all the water you use in the kitchen, sinks and showers is treated and filtered so it can be then used for garden irrigation. Keeping it nice and less demanding from our Earth. Pura vida!

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